Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update - New Consultancy Launched!

I am pleased to announce the expansion of Optimal Computing into database consultancy - find the site over at .  You can get in touch by e-mailing or calling on +44 (0) 161 731 0037.  Optimal Computing specialises in data management, with an offering at the moment on SIMS application support for schools and colleges. 

More Stuff Published!

The good people over at have been kind enough to publish many of my articles over the last couple of years, and the articles have been building up.  Find my profile over here --> .

I Went Contracting!

Took the leap in September and I'm contracting now, instead of being a permanent DBA.  On my second contract so far and doing well, having fun and earning money.  If you know of any contracts in the North West of England, do get in touch - you can find out all about me on my LinkedIn profile which redirects from here ->

Get In Touch!
I might be an introverted, slightly aggressive, permanently angry misanthrope in real life but that's just my DBA side showing through :-)  No, really, I'm uber-social and welcome contact from anyone in the IT arena - from 'let's be friends' (recruiters, normally) to 'Help!  It's all falling down around my ears!'.  You can reach me at or follow me on Twitter: @dcolleySQL. 

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